Sunday, 2 December 2012

Copyright and Internet Ethics for Education Media

On the eight week (7th November 2012), Mr. Azmi gives a lecture regarding the topic of copyright and internet ethics for education media. Within this topic I am able to know several ethics while using the internet. We cannot simply take everything for granted. It has its own law too. 

Modeling and Simulation

On the seventh week (24th October 2012), we had learnt about modeling and simulation. Model is a representation of an object, a system, or an idea in some form other than that of the entity itself. Whereas, simulation is the operation which is a representation of a system. There are many advantages of modeling and simulation in the process of teaching and learning. This is because, through modeling and simulation, it will enhance the students motivation and we can make a prediction. Students will become motivated if they learn in a happy and fun way. They are able to explore an experiment in their own way. The students are able to pause and repeat the experiment according to their desire. We also can make prediction about certain experiment or situation by using this model and simulation.
Since, model and simulation can give many benefits in the process of teaching and learning, it is one of the way that will help to increase the student performance in our Malaysian schools. Thus, school management and teachers have to start applying the model and simulation in school. The teachers also can apply this simulation during their class. I am sure that the students will become more interested to learnt and enjoy it throughout the learning process.  


During the laboratory session on 10th October 2012, I had learnt how to edit a picture by using paint. As we are all know, most of the laptop have this paint. So, everyone can use it because it is easy. Mr. Azmi teach us the paint by using an example of the picture of jackfruit. After that we used the picture of water lilies. We also used the button printscreen while copying the picture. As the results, we are able to get the desired picture of jackfruit and water lilies. We also can insert the text if we want to note any statement or information about the picture. After I had learnt how to use this paint, I applied this knowledge to my assignment as well. 

Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)

On the fifth week (10th October 2012), we had a lecture on the topic of interactive whiteboard (IWB). Interactive whiteboard combines a dry erase whiteboard with an LCD projector and is usually mounted on a wall or floor stand. Powered by easy-to-use software, the whiteboard becomes a computer screen viewable by an entire classroom. The projector projects the content from the computer onto the surface of the board while the teacher controls the content either with a pointer or a touch of the hand instead of a keyboard and mouse. The combination of software with the projector results in much more than simply a projected image.
There are many advantages by using the interactive whiteboards. One of them is that they provide electronically all the familiar features of a traditional classroom blackboard or ordinary whiteboard. Besides that, this situation are able to replace the scenario of a large group crowding around a single computer. The interactive whiteboard allows a large group to sit and participate comfortably in a presentation. We are also can edit information directly during lessons and save changes or additions to the computer. It proved that interactive whiteboard able to give many benefits towards learning and teaching process in school and other educational institutions.

Interactive Whiteboard

Create a Blog

On the fourth week (3rd October 2012), we were asked to create our own blog. We need to insert everything that we learnt in this course for the whole semester into this blog. At first, it is quite difficult for me to create and getting used to this blog. But, after some more time, I am becoming familiar with it and it is fun. We are free to write everything that were not only about this course, but also about our daily life as well. Actually this blog is considered as our assignment. I personally think that this kind of assignment is very good because the student are able to learn something new and to enhance their creative learning. I do feel that learning in a fun way is an effective learning.

Malaysian Smart School

On the third week (26th September 2012) of lecture, we had learnt about the Malaysian Smart School. In more details, En. Azmi gives lecture on the Smart School management, processes, scenarios, and the technology as enabler. In order to make a school smart, many facilities of ICT had to be used in their process of teaching and learning. Again all parties have to play their role to make sure that the efforts towards making all the school smart become reality.  

Data Logging

We also learnt about data logging on week two (19th September 2012). Mr. Azmi had introduced about what is data logging and the use of data logging in our life. He had showed many examples about the application of data logging during class such as in the topic of fermentation and the bouncing sound. The important thing is that in data logging, there must be a sensor while carrying out the experiment. If we want to test the force, we need a force sensor. From this data logging, it is easy for us to observed the results. In data logging, we have to stick on the engage, empower, enhance and extension.
 Again, after we had learnt this topic, we had been given as assignment on data logging. We were asked to find any topic about that we can apply this data logging. My group and I choose the topic of buoyant force. In this topic, the most important principle is Archimedes Principle. We had completed this task by following the steps of engage, empower, enhance, and extension. I am satisfied after I had understand the content in this data logging.